Racism hits close to home

6 Jun

How to download #College #Textbooks for free and safe

18 Mar

College textbooks are not the exception. For writing paper assignments, homework, etc., you need to get some textbooks. They are readily available online. However, downloading them is not free in some …

The most overpriced things we waste our money on

4 Mar

But some items continue to rise in price. And we are now paying ridiculous markups on them, according to a report on CheatSheet.com. One obvious example: college textbooks. You can buy a book on …

Report: #College online access codes are a “bad deal;” publishers say digital options cut costs

27 Feb

WASHINGTON — A new report on the cost of college textbooks said a push for online access codes for college course … Students are faced with the decision, do I purchase that textbook or do I buy food …

#College Students Catch a Break on One Cost at Least

8 Feb

(Bloomberg Opinion) — College textbooks can be expensive! The list price for the hardcover print version … The for-profit publishers have been reacting by offering add-on services and encouraging …