Best Places to Buy #College #Textbooks Online

20 Oct

What are the best places online to buy college textbooks? If you talk to any college student at the beginning of the semester, he or she will probably express frustration to you about the cost of textbooks. Campus bookstores charge an arm and a leg for …

How To Buy #College #Textbooks #cheap

20 Oct

The main and most important idea to keep in mind for finding college textbooks cheap is this: ‘This book is a means to an end, not a personal possession for a lifetime. It doesn’t have to be new because it will only be a part of your life for about ten …

MCC’s Single Stop helping students beyond the classroom

15 Oct

MCC student Devon Paul was able to find help through this program after his car window … The 28-year-old said his college textbooks, worth about $800, were also stolen. “Money is kind of tight honestly and I used most of my financial aid to purchase …

Errors in #College #Textbooks

13 Oct

So working on my physics homework and this isn’t the first time I’ve ran into this but for some of the example problems I’ve noticed that the books calculations are wrong. Would it make you nervous to find errors in your college textbooks? I’m a total …

A program Ohio should fund

13 Oct

Now, they are being forced to find ways to cover additional expenses … which will be filled with college textbooks that can possibly be passed on from year to year. When it comes to tuition, however, schools should not be forced to foot the bill.