Kansas bill proposed for sales tax exemption on #Textbooks bought at #College bookstores

5 Feb

With college textbooks being so expensive … Brown also said the need for online access codes and having to buy a textbook that was only available at the Kansas State University bookstore prevented h…

Students get creative with #Textbook costs

29 Jan

Some first years who were interviewed, such as Brian Liu ’22, said that it was “shocking” to see how expensive college textbooks were … in which professors did not require students to buy books, ins…

Professors launch free online PAX course #Textbook

29 Jan

According to a Jan. 26 CBS News article, over the past 10 years, the price of college textbooks has risen four times faster than the inflation rate. As a result, 65 percent of students do not buy at l…

How to get rid of #College #Textbooks and make money

16 Jan

HOUSTON – If you have college textbooks you or your child are no longer using, gather them up, because January – or the start of the semester – is one of the best times to sell them to get the most mo…

NY State Initiative to Cut Costs of College Textbooks

13 Jun

The New York Governor’s Office announced $8 million in funding to help cut the costs of textbooks at SUNY and CUNY schools. Through the Governor’s Open Educational Resources Initiative, the high costs of books and other materials could soon be a thing of past. Students have access to everything from classic literature to course textbooks.

The funding will be provided through the Open Resources Initiative which allows students to download, share, and edit high-quality books and other materials. The two university systems recently launched a joint website, Open.NYS, to assist faculty, librarians and instructional designers in making the switch to cost-free books and materials.

These resources are helping more than just students. Professors at CCC are also seeing its benefits.