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College Textbooks Tips

12 Oct

You may find the following posts on College Textbooks of interest

  • 12 Geeky Facebook Apps for Students | – Facebook is a great place to network, and also a great place to stay organized and productive in school. Here are 12 geeky Facebook applications that can.
  • Is piracy theft? « FremLog – A interesting website that has popped up in the peer-to-peer file sharing debate is theThe Piracy Calculator. It allows you to calculate how much money the RI/MPAA would accuse you of stealing. Not terribly accurate, but …
  • Guerrilla Tactics for Saving Money on Your College Textbooks (Part … – Last month, we gave you a few tips for avoiding basic book-buying mistakes. This time we go underground with the ninja-style ways to get your books free, or close to it. If you’re looking for the usual Buy used or Share with your study buddy lesson, this isn’t it.
  • Why Are College Textbooks so Expensive? | AllFinancialMatters – There was a small article in today’s Wall Street Journal about how Costly Textbooks Draw Scrutiny of Lawmakers ($). Yes, textbooks are expensive. But, there was one practice that always irritated me to no end: 1. I buy a $75 …
  • Class Action Lawsuit Against School Book Publishers For … – I worked at the university bookstore while in college 30+ years ago and was amazed at how the pricing worked for textbooks. But $118 for a college algebra book? In my day, we made our own books out of bark and… …
  • The College Puzzle » Blog Archive » Students Struggle To Pay For … – The College Puzzle A college success blog by Dr. Home » Uncategorized » Students Struggle To Pay For Textbooks « Achieve Makes Statement On Math For College Readiness. As the cost of textbooks continues to rise, many college students are choosing to skimp on textbooks to save money.
  • Your chemistry textbook costs how much? Try … – Your chemistry textbook costs how much? Try swoopthat. During the 2010-2011 school year the average student spent more than $1100 on textbooks and supplies for school according to the College Board, a non-profit that tracks educational statistics. Today, I learned about a new website to help students find cheaper college textbooks Swoopthat.
  • U Cincinnati and OhioLINK Research Digital Textbook Adoption … – An Ohio research project is investigating just how students would prefer to get the text for their courses  whether in hard copy form, in versions suitable for mobile devices, or in some other digital format. An initial study done in fall 2008 suggested that student age and class format are factors that influence which format a student will choose. Researchers include Charles Ginn, a field service assistant professor with the University of Cincinnati Psychology Department, and Stephen Acker, research director of OhioLINK’s eText Project.
  • Broke off of Books? | Libby Brokaw’s Journalism Work – With tuition skyrocketing, spending more money for textbooks has never sounded less appealing. Paying hundreds of dollars each semester can add up to a large amount of money throughout a student’s college education. Without a doubt there are certain required books.
  • New Textbook Program Gives Students Money Saving Options … – As tuition increases students are looking for more ways to save money on their education, one of those ways is textbook expense. College textbooks cost students a lot of money. Rhoda Koszuth a 41-year-old biochemistry major said that she spent $700 on textbooks last semester at the ASUN bookstore.
  • How to Find Cheap College Textbooks – It’s back-to-school season, which means college students are on the prowl for cheap textbooks.

Buying Vs Renting Textbooks For College

1 Oct

A video that compares buying vs renting college textbooks. If you choose renting you might try to compare the rental prices of each rental company.