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Cheap College Textbooks

22 Nov

Life’s not easy for college students. After paying tuition, there’s barely enough money left for Ramen noodles. They must then face the sticker shock of buying textbooks.

Students can easily pay $1,000 or more per semeste for books. It hardly seems fair, but there is good news. Savvy students can declare war against obscene textbook prices. Paying full price for a new textbook at the campus bookstore is just not smart. Many websites offer significant discounts on college textbooks now.

Here are other options for cheap college textbooks:

Try the Library

Most students don’t consider the library when scrambling for needed textbooks. It’s a long-shot, but it’s worth a try, considering it’s free. The college, city or county library may have the exact textbook required.

You could also ask the professor if he has an extra textbook available.

Rent College Textbooks

Many colleges provide rental options for textbooks. After all, textbooks are needed them for a short period of time, so renting makes sense.

Some websites allow students to rent textbooks online. They ship UPS. CD’s and workbooks may be required for the course, and make sure the book you rent includes these materials.

Buy Used College Textbooks

There’s no room for procrastination when buying used books. The competition at on-campus bookstores is fierce as students make a bee-line to snatch up cheap used books.

Comparison shopping can pay off in a big way. Smart students search online.

Barter College Textbooks

Bartering with other students can be the ultimate win-win. It takes some coordination, but it’s a logical way to beat the system. Sharing books with a fellow student taking the same class can cut your costs in half.

Use E-Books

Everything is moving to the Internet–including textbooks. Along with the savings advantage, e-books eliminate the need to lug around heavy books. All that’s needed to access textbooks is an Internet connection.

Some websites allow for the purchase of just the specific chapters needed at a rock-bottom rates.

Get the Most When Selling Your Used College Textbooks

The campus bookstore might be convenient, but they will not give you top dollar. You’re better off selling your used textbooks online.

Being Resourceful

Resourceful students can cut their textbook costs in half or more with just a little effort. The options for finding cheap textbooks are so plentiful, there’s no excuse for paying full list prices.

Please visit these pages for more information about cheap college textbooks and how to find cheap textbooks online in general.


Places to Get Free Textbooks

1 Nov

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