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Should You Pursue a Part Time Degree?

28 Feb

It is common today the people to decide to get a degree in a field of their  choice. Some choose to go back to school part time or on the full time basis.  How could anyone blame an individual for wanting to increase their securing a  better position in the job market or increase their earning power in their  current place of employment? Earning a part time degree or one that is earned by  attending classes full time still end up with the same results. Either way a  person will be able to earn more and find a much more secure position within  their chosen career.

Once an individual has selected the field of study they decide to pursue, the  next step is to select the school that is right for them and that will help them  to gain the education which is important for them. With the high demand for well  trained and skilled professionals there is no limit to what one can do after  they have achieved a part time degree. Of course, as mentioned above, a full  time degree plan is just as valuable.

Choosing which course to take often depends entirely upon the lifestyle of  the student. Many people who are already working in a successful career position  make the choice of going back to school on a part time basis because they have  responsibilities and obligations they must meet. Some of those obligations are a  home and all the luxuries that go with it, a car, and the convenience that  affords. They often have a family to take care of and this is when electing to  obtain higher education through a part time degree plan can help out.

When choosing a part time or full time degree plan, the individual must take  a number of things into consideration. The most important is the time they must  spend on the required studies. Not only will they have to schedule in time for  classroom activities whether that is through on campus classes or online, but  there will be time needed to study as well. Of course, finances must also be  considered when pursuing a higher education. Not everyone will qualify for  grants or other forms of financial aid, but that does not mean that getting the  education to further your career is out of the question.

Many times, pursuing a part time degree plan will allow for an easier  transition for those who have no other means of achieving the finances needed  for the degree that they desire. By getting your degree by attending classes  part time, the initial outlay of funds required takes a smaller bite out of your  paycheck. Over time, it is possible to realize the benefits that may seem  elusive at the moment.

Getting an education can mean the difference between maintaining the status  quo and making your dreams come true, so what are you waiting for?


Will College Freshman Benefit From Living On Campus?

12 Feb

First Year in College

Going off to college can be exciting and also stressful. If you’re going to a school that is far away, chances are you aren’t going to know anyone right away. However, a way to make sure that you’re not left lonely is to dorm the first year you are in college. Living in a dormitory means that you will be surrounded by new people and able to make plenty of friends in no time.

Why Live on Campus?

There’s a lot going on during the first few weeks at school. First of all, you’ve got student orientation and schedule rearrangement and so on. Often, even more engaging than these formalities are the relationships being formed. Living in the residence halls means you will be in a position to meet plenty of other people and feel out who you want to become friends with and who you’d rather avoid.

When you live on campus, you are often required to purchase a meal plan. While some college meal plans can be a little expensive, they are definitely convenient and save you time. Having the ability to go somewhere and have a cooked meal without the hassle of grocery shopping and preparation will allow you to focus more time on your studies.

It is common for young adults first leaving home to go through some challenging emotional experiences during their first year from home. Being on campus and near other individuals who are having an experience that relates to your own can be a tremendous source of comfort.

Some people might be afraid that the constant company of your peers could be distracting; however, it can also be a useful resource. Teaming up with your college buddies can lead to some excellent study sessions that can help you get more comfortable with the material you are learning. Strength happens in numbers, and being around other driven individuals can have a positive influence on your own drive.

You might find that the social dynamics within a college mimic the dynamics found in society. With this in mind, being a part of a college community can help you practice being an active participant in the world prior to graduation. There are plenty of ways to get involved with clubs, groups, and organizations that will prepare you to be an effective member of society in the future.

There may be some apprehension about living in an environment with people who want to be loud and reckless. Fortunately, you will find that there are quiet hours, which means that even though some people may have the tendency to create more noise, everyone will be required to adhere to specified codes of conduct. On each floor, there will be a resident assistant to make sure rules are being upheld.

About the Author

For people who are just leaving for college to earn your Bachelor of Arts for the first time, living on campus is a great idea. You will meet many new people and form valuable connections, and when you are ready to rent an apartment, you will likely have met other students who will make great roommates off campus. Students also have the option of checking out and choosing from a number of great online schools!

Download Textbooks

1 Feb

The use of digital textbooks is becoming a popular option for college students. The number of sites, titles and formats have been steadily increasing in recent months.  With just a little bit of research you should be able to find many of your needed textbooks in digital format.

Using digital textbooks, or eTextbooks as they are commonly called, has many advantages. Instant access by digital download means no more shipping costs or shipping delays. Digital textbooks usually have low upfront cost, plus there is no more lugging heavy books around.  Also e-books can be easy on the environment. In addition  you will enjoy having, no sellback hassle, and enhanced features like highlighting and note taking. Off to class? The library? Home for the holidays? A couple of clicks is all it takes to study anywhere with your iPad, iPhone, Nook, Kindle or other tablet. If you need a hard copy you can always print your etextbook, or at least the most important parts, and carry light weight notes for studying on the fly.

eTextbooks are available online and in downloadable format. When you are “buying” a digital textbook make sure you check out the access length.  Are you downloading a textbook with permanent and forever access or is this really a digital textbook rental that expires at some date in the future.

Instant access and cost savings are the big advantages of using digital downloads and etextbooks. You have instant access while saving time and money. And as we mentioned above it is easier to carry one lightweight reader than to have an entire heavy backpack full of thick textbooks. No more forgetting to bring the right book home from school! You can also study on your iPhone or Android phones using the browser function or downloaded e-reader. This will enable you to have a quick study session or brush up on your notes whenever/wherever.

Not every textbook is available in digital format but the numbers are increasing. Using a digital textbook searching comparison tool like can be a big help. Simply enter the ISBN and get a list of who carries the book in digital format and their prices. You can also simply enter the title or author or keyword to start your search.  You’ll be amazed at the convenience download textbooks offers.