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The Next Big Thing in Technology Infographic

23 Mar

Source: ZAGG Blog

Here’s the collection:


1. New Apple iPad 3 (AKA HD AKA 3rd Gen) – Apple’s new iPad is poised to be the next big thing for its “resolutionary” screen and slick specs. Forget that Apple seems to be confused on what to call it. 2. High-def (HD) Resolution Tablets – The newest iPad probably already qualifies, but look for PC tablets to be right behind in making tablet resolutions perfect for photo and video viewing. 3. Tablets w/ Built-in Stand – Expect additional features to be added to tablets. A stand would be an obvious choice, especially for those who want an expensive digital picture frame. 4. Flexible, see-through tablets – All of the futuristic movies have see-through or projection technology. Flexible tablets would mean the ability to wrap screens around cars or columns. 5. Urinal-mounted Tablets – When you’re at the big game and don’t want to miss the play, now you won’t have to. Tablets in the bathroom are surely the next big thing!


6. Apple TV – The rumor of Apple releasing a high definitely TV is not surprising, given their reputation for beautiful computer monitors. 7. Social Media & App-based TV – The ability to choose which TV apps you want to correspond to particular channels would be a huge win for consumers (and a major scare to cable providers). Incorporating sharing and updates right into TV would be a natural extension to what many TV shows are already trying to get consumers to do through their mobile phones and tablets. 8. Integrated Google TV/Skype – This would assume an inclusion of a camera inside the TV, which is completely plausible. 9. Motion/Voice-controlled TV – The idea that a separate motion-sensing console like XBox Kinect is necessary will one day sound archaic. Television remotes as we know them could become a thing of the past.


10. Social Mobile Games – Some of the most popular games like Words With Friends and Draw Something are, categorically, the beginning of this trends. In the future, phones will have the ability to host real-time gameplay between phones. 11. Social Gamification of Business – This has already been tested in a few scenarios with platforms like Salesforce. Look for business functions to adopt a competitive game-like interface to increase their KPIs. 12. Voice-Gesture Game Interfaces – Gamers already yell their heads off during high-competition showdowns. It won’t be long before game makers incorporate this natural tendency into enhancing the gameplay itself. 13. 3D Gaming Laptops – The 3D TV trend has led to the development of glasses-free 3D TVs. With this technology applied to a laptop, gameplay could get a lot more realistic.


14. Instagram for Video – With the popularity of filter apps for images, it won’t be long before special effect apps become mainstream in the personal video market. 15. 3D Projectors – Imagine being able to get the same effect as 3D TV, coupled with the screen projector experience? This could keep 3D TV from being more than a fad. 16. Collaborative Cloud-based Video Editing – Video editing has always been a massive resource hog. If cloud applications with the capabilities of FinalCut or Premiere were possible, we could see a renaissance of collaborative content creation. 17. Phone/Tablet w/ Built-in Projector – Tablet and laptop screens are notoriously small and inadequate for showing a group. Mini projector functionality is planned for a few new devices and if quality isn’t compromised too terrible, this could become a big deal.


18. Enterprise-wide Cloud Computing – Companies could soon witness the disappearance of resource-hogging, expensive-licensing software applications that have been used for decades. Some smaller companies that rely heavily on Google Docs and cloud project management software are heading down this road. 19. Online Voting/Registration – This is the dream that the government hopes can become a reality. Unfortunately, pilot voting programs have proven ineffective so far at keeping hackers out, but at least progress is being made. 20. Speech-controlled Web Browsing – With so much of our web usage being for reading, watching, etc., it would be very practical (and nice on the wrists) to develop technology for us to control our computers and browsers through speech.


21. Amazon Smartphone – Perhaps more rumor than anything, many have speculated that an Amazon Smartphone would be a fitting rival for the dominant iPhone. 22. Gesture-controlled Phones – Some phone manufacturers have hinted that buttons on phones may become a thing of the past. It’s possible that users will be given customized controls over their devices with basic motions and combinations of actions rather than pushing buttons. 23. Bendable Phones – Creating phones with the ability to ‘give’ could introduce a new line of defense against drops and impact.


24. Stackable USB Drives – Imagine being able to connect USB drives at will for added capacity. While not necessary for most people, this would make large file transfer much easier. 25. App-based Smart Watches – The emergence of wearable gadgets has definitely been the next big thing for some people. The incorporation of apps and fitness tracking tech into the watches that people already wear is definitely something that will be coming soon.

Strange Scholarships

12 Mar

By Katherine L Dane

Having a college education is important, and it doesn’t matter if it’s from an accredited online college or a traditional college. However, some people decide not to go to college because they simply cannot afford it. That’s why scholarships and grants were invented. If you are like me though, you probably think you would never qualify for a scholarship. Well, think again. As I was told when I first started my college career, you should apply to any and all scholarships that are out there. You never know. One guy applied for a scholarship that was only taking female applicants, but since he was the only one who applied, they granted him the scholarship. If you think that is weird, check out some of these scholarships. Keep in mind these are in fact real scholarships.

Are you tall? Abnormally tall? Under the age of 21? If you answered yes, to those, then you may want to look into the TCI Scholarship Award that is offered at the Tall Clubs International Convention. TCI awards up to $1,000 each to students who are under the age of 21 and meet the height requirements, 5′ 10″ for women and 6′ 2″ for men. The downside is if you are interested in this scholarship, you can only be considered through a local TCI Member Club. So, contact your local TCI Member Club today to try and get your scholarship.

Can you quack like a duck? You may be eligible for a $2,000 scholarship through the Chick & Sophie Major Memorial Scholarship Duck Calling Contest. The contest is for high school seniors who can do the best duck calls. You have to perform four duck calls in 90 seconds: hail, feed, mating, and comeback. The Grand Prize winner of the contest is awarded $2,000, the 1st runner-up gets a $1,000 scholarship, 2nd runner-up will receive $750, and the 3rd runner-up receives $500. In order to participate, you must register through the Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce in Stuttgart, Arkansas. So, start practicing those calls. Quack!

I think Captain Kirk went to college, matter of fact, I am sure of it. He probably also got his funding from the Klingon Language Institute. Again, these are real scholarships. The Kor Memorial Scholarship if for students in the field of language studies. You must be a full-time student, undergraduate or graduate, and be in a program for a degree in language. To be considered, an academic department chair, head, or dean nominates you. You must submits a nominating letter, two letters of recommendations, a statement of what you goals, plans, and/or purpose is for being in this field, and you must submit a resume of C.V.. Only one $500 scholarship is awarded per year, so look up the Kilngon Language Institute for more information. For those of you who aren’t studying language but want to be like Captain Kirk, you may want to look into The Starfleet Academy Scholarship. Live long and prosper, and good luck.

Duct tape can be good for fixing all sorts of things: shoes, car side mirrors, ducts, and your college finances. If you like fashion and duct tape, then you may qualify for The Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck on Prom Contest. You and your date create your outfits, shoes, and accessories with, you guessed it, duct tape. You must be at least 14 years of age, in high school, and be attending a school-sanctioned prom. In order to enter the contest, you must be a member of the Duck Tape Club. The first place winner will receive $5,000 each, second place gets $3,000 each, third place gets $2,000 each and seven more “runner up” couples receive $500 each. So make you prom plans early and stick to them.

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