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Is College Still Worth It?

30 Jul

Is College Still Worth It – Graphic by Degree Jungle

Students Save More than $100 Million On Textbooks

28 Jul

CourseSmart, the planet’s biggest supplier of eTextbooks and digital course materials, today reported that it has saved scholars more than $100M on eTextbooks and digital course materials since it was set up in 2007.  CourseSmart has the most complete library of further education content available, offering over ninety percent of the core textbooks in usage today, or thirty thousand titles from over thirty three publishers, for an assured, up-front savings of nearly 60 percent less than the price of a new print textbook.  “CourseSmart was set up on the principal of expanding access to further education by offering scholars heavy savings on their mandatory course materials, and as the price of passing a degree keeps on rising, it’s crucial that scholars have digital options.

We couldn’t be more happy with reaching this serious marker of saving scholars more than $100 million dollars,” claimed Sean Devine,  Chief Executive Officer  of CourseSmart.

“CourseSmart’s savings go past the textbook recommended price, because scholars can access their digital course materials while not having to buy a dedicated device or categorical eReader.”  Scholars  who use CourseSmart eTextbooks and digital course materials find more convenience and warranted up front savings in comparison to the popular  method of reselling textbooks back to student bookstores.

“Textbooks and materials needed for my courses can be an overpowering cost each semester.  Since I discovered CourseSmart, I have saved well over 1,000 dollars,” recounted Sara Redman, a student at Colorado State  College .  “I also enjoy having the ability to access my textbooks on a busy schedule on my iPad and study anywhere, whether or not it is on the train or at my desk. I could not ask for a better textbook experience. “.

New Bill Marks Another Step Toward Lowering Textbook Costs in California

20 Jul

California Governor Jerry Brown lately confirmed a bill which will need publishers of university textbooks to give an explanation for the variations in new editions of their books, The Associated Press reports.

By doing this, scholars and professors will better be well placed to resolve whether they have to buy a pricey new edition or if they can simply use an older version. The law was designed by Senate Majority Leader Ellen M.  Corbett, who said she is hoping it’ll cut back the serious cost of textbooks for college kids.  “This legislation is one logical way to help in lowering the value of textbooks so college kids on tight budgets can stay in school,” Corbett related in a PR release.  “The serious price of varsity textbooks now forces many scholars to make a choice between paying their utility charges or purchasing the materials they want for class, and that isn’t the way that it should be.” Still, California passed a bill directed at reducing the price of university textbooks. This isn’t California’s most important step towards reducing the price of school textbooks.  In May, a package of bills expanding student access to free digital textbooks advanced to the state Senate, The Sacramento Bee reports.

If passed, these bills would permit California scholars to access a free library of open-source course materials, instead of paying loads of dollars per semester on textbooks.



App replaces textbooks with tablet

5 Jul

A teacher conducting a class with a touchscreen board and scholars using digital tablets as textbook, notebook or a test pad could seem like a scene in a high tech motion picture.  But it’s a fact now, thanks to MOCA ( mobile learning study room application ), an interactive tablet -based education platform delivered thru cloud technologies.  Developed by Hyderabad-based print-to-digital delivery services company Pressmart, which can supply cloud-based publishing technology to over six hundred publishers in thirty three languages from 61 nations, MOCA, which is device and system software ( OS ) -agnostic, fully disposes of children’s 15-kg back-packs and allows them to take their class work, homework and examinations, including lecture room reporting, on a 494-gramme tablet.  Pressmart had, in 2011, piloted MOCA ( on Samsung tablets) with Grade-V of La Salle Green Hills, a 100-year-old Catholic tutorial establishment in Manila, and utilized it across all grades until XII in June 2012.  Covering 4,500 scholars and four hundred teachers, the deployment, Pressmart claims, makes La Salle the planet’s first college with fully-digital school rooms.  “The pipeline is remarkable.


La Salle has seventeen faculties with 97,000 scholars in the Philippines for which they are going to start employing MOCA slowly. Also we are seeing a potential in Thailand where the govt is intending to disburse 800,000 tablets to elementary school scholars this year,” Vikram Simha Torpunuri, head of Pressmart, told mediapersons here on Monday.  The closely-held company is currently in debate with state govts, faculties and establishments in India, and is having a look at doing 2 pilots in the home market in the current calendar.


“Discussions-wise …  We are quite close. We are going to be launching a pilot with a college in Hyderabad inside a quarter,” he announced, adding that MOCA was anticipated to generate $1-million income this monetary year.  MOCA, which jams each other thing on the tablet, aside from the study room content, as quickly as a student enters the highschool, supports Android and iPhone operating software systems.  The company will release a Windows version shortly.  “If we have an Aakash tab, we shall install MOCA and do it,” Torpunuri expounded, adding the company will be launching a new application for the life sciences vertical in the following couple of months.