Textbook Savings Ideas

20 Aug

Savings ideas for textbooks

Used books.  Some scholars still require the physical feel of a book with pages in their hands. Before you purchase new, figure out if you can obtain a second user copy.

The library.  Most university libraries have 1 or 2 copies of favored varsity textbooks.  See if you can obtain one for the semester, or if it is held on reserve, drop by the library when you’ve got to read a chapter.

Share. If you happen to have a mate taking the same class, share the book, and work out a study schedule.

Sell your books back. You are not going to become wealthy at the end of the semester, but reselling them beats just letting the books collect dust on your book shelf if you do not think you will ever use them again.  Try selling to your campus book shop, posting notices in buildings or selling thru your own web market on a credible internet site.

Opensource.  A comparatively new idea, open textbooks permit scholars to pick how they read, whether or not it’s a digital copy freely a file they print themselves, or a paid print copy.

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