College Students to Save Money by Buying/Selling Their Own Textbooks

10 Sep

BookCheetah an one-off new methodology for scholars to purchase and sell their textbooks, is happy to be available for the collegiate college year!  Set up  by highly regarded Colorado  Varsity  economics professor and Yale  School  graduate Daniel Johnson, the web service is going to enable scholars to save cash by controlling transactions themselves – dumping the requirement for helpless bargaining with bookstores.  “During my fifteen years as a varsity professor, I’ve heard numerous stories of scholars being incapable of finding used books regionally, or unable to sell their prior textbooks,” announced Daniel Johnson.

“Using BookCheetah, scholars can now find the books they want and sell the ones they no longer desire, all alone campus, at costs they choose to set.

Scholars  across the land can stretch their already limited budgets by employing this service to assume command of selling and purchasing their books.” Using BookCheetah is as simple as boiling water!  Here is how it functions

REGISTER. Join up to a free account. Just need a name, e-mail, and college.

SEARCH.  Find the books you want for impending classes and add them to your wish list.

POST.  Add your old books for sale on your book shelf.  You set the cost.

MEET.  BookCheetah finds folk who’ve what you want ( your wish list ) or need what you have ( your shelf ). Get a credit to be introduced, and then set up a place and time to exchange money for books.  Scholars  keep their book-buying greenbacks where they belong – in their pockets.  BookCheetah does not charge one cent for the book exchange, solely for the matchmaking.

The company sells user tokens for a greenback or less. For a bit less than the cost of an iTunes song, scholars can find the year’s textbooks.  And BookCheetah’s search goes all ways : search for sellers of required books, or identify purchasers of books to sell.  Ultimately , BookCheetah wants scholars to feel OK about the tokens they purchase!  10 cents  of each dollar the company earns from matchmaking goes right to the student’s selection of 3 deserving charities : The Cheetah Conservation Fund, Teach For America, or the scholar executive of their college!

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