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Paper Books vs. E-books

29 Oct

Internet has brought many good things like streaming music, online shopping, electronic bill payments and many more beneficial uses. One thing that you may consider is e-books, many individuals think about it since they are very valuable. Like many great musicians who never get to have signed a decent contract – there are thousands of great writers who never get the offer to create a great book! Thanks to the Internet and e-Books – we can tap the minds of these great authors.


A common misconception is that if a book was good, we should get a contract signed by a major publisher. This is simply not true. The editor may feel that the information is not marketable when it really is. Though, there can be many reasons to consider it.


The author of an e-book is free to write what he/she really wants and will not be influenced by an editor, publicist, or anyone else. E-books often contain much more information than a printed book. Sometimes they have printable worksheets, menus, lists, and affirmations including a number of beneficial items that relate to the specific topic of the e-book. Unlike the authors, e-book authors are often accessible and grateful to answer questions you may have about your e-book. Students should definitely consider such innovative matter.

Easy and fast

An e-book is directly purchased from a website (i.e. Amazon and Barnes & Nobles), and then downloaded to a computer immediately! You can read right there on the computer screen or print it and take it with you. You can enlarge the font if you have trouble viewing the print, you can transfer to a flash drive or other media to be portable, or you can just read it when you have time. Most e-books come with a money back guarantee and special bonus items. Some experts urge you to give an opportunity for electronic books (e-Books). Find a topic of interest and then take a walk to discover new authors, new skills, new behaviors, and perhaps a new you!

For an efficient enterprise

Consider writing an e-book. Only you know what you think and feel about a topic. Only you can put everything together in your own special way. Your e-book is personal. It is your opinion on what you know. Why not publish a traditional paper book? Well, you can. If you choose a topic that the publisher is looking for. If you can find a publisher, who thinks your writing is good. The world of traditional publishing is not for the faint of heart or the person who thinks you might want to be a writer. This is a good choice if you do not mind paying for your editing. Truth is, nobody is against specific editing methods, yet, other methods of editing are suitable, too. In fact, if you wrote a great novel or a great guide on how to do anything that meets the standards of an editor you can get into the business. However, if you’re just looking to share your knowledge with the world an e-book is the way forward.


Internet is a fast, easy and inexpensive to offer your e-book. With an electronic book, after buying the software, the only expense is marketing. You control the duration of your e-book, design, and everything relating to its creation and subsequent promotion. It’s like your ultimate form of expression. You have total control. You have the first and last word in everything, all authors

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