Physical vs. digital: a textbook debate

14 Nov

Cheap Textbook Rentals

They’re big and bulky, heavy and awkward, and overly priced, but textbooks are essential for most college courses.


Why do students spend hundreds of dollars a semester buying books, though? There has to be some alternative to carrying around several books in a backpack day after day.



At the Missouri State bookstore, a textbook for MTH 135, a general college algebra class, is priced at $101.50 for a used copy.


When buying traditional textbooks — either online or at a bookstore — the price is going to be high.

Not only are you paying for the book itself, but according to figures from the National Association of College Stores, textbook prices also include payments for the bookstore, shipping and handling, the publisher or publishing company, marketing for the textbook, the author, paper and printing, and then the publisher’s employees.

“I spent over $700 last semester buying…

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