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September is the perfect time to buy these 9 things

29 Aug

For instance, these days students can find cheap college textbooks online, by either comparison shopping or using social media to trade/borrow books from other students in their college. The earlier you begin your search, the greater your chances of …


NYU, Yale, Welcome Freshman Class Of 2020 On #College Move-In Day

29 Aug

More: Where To Find Cheap (Or Free!) College Textbooks In NYC Yale says more than 200 freshmen are eligible for federal Pell grants for low-income students, and 52 will receive a grant from the Yale College Start-up Fund as part of the new $2 million …

How To Buy #College #Textbooks #cheap

25 Aug

The main and most important idea to keep in mind for finding college textbooks cheap is this: ‘This book is a means to an end, not a personal possession for a lifetime. It doesn’t have to be new because it will only be a part of your life for about ten …

Five Frugal Things | peaches, #Textbooks, deck stain, and a free audiobook

25 Aug

(I know some of you have asked for a post about saving money on college textbooks. It’s upcoming, promise!) 4. I tried three deck stain color samples. The ultimate frugal thing would be to pick a color from a stain chip and buy enough for the project …

Tips for saving money on #College #Textbooks

24 Aug

The cost of new college textbooks rose 82% from 2002 to 2012 … “Students wait too long (to buy their books),” she said. “We jump right in and they better get on board.” Wait too long and students could find themselves behind in their classes …