10 Quick Tips to Save Money in College

8 Aug


It’s hard to argue with the fact that the majority of graduate students experience financial difficulties – but there are several ways to save a lot of money before the academic year. Here are some financial tips for college students that will help you to put aside a lot of money and not feel financially pinched during the studies in high school and college.

How to save money while studying:

  1. Find an extra job

Of course, this is easier said than done, but the easiest way to put off a lot of money – to earn more. Important! Before agreeing on a position in a local restaurant, think about more pleasant and less time-consuming part. There are, for example, freelance positions like online writers for websites where students buy essay college, tutoring. You can even earn taking care of dogs. Approach additional earnings creatively and get paid for something you enjoy doing.

  1. Find a roommate or live with relatives

This way you will save on the rent and other expenses can be reduced. In addition, if you find a roommate or live together with a family member, you may divide your household chores and have more free time. Of course, you’ll have to sacrifice personal space, but the savings on rent, food, television and Internet tools may outweigh the minor inconvenience of the presence of a neighbor. In addition, living with someone can be quite pleasant.

  1. Buy second-hand items

Go to a local pawn shop or on sale to find things cheaper. Flea markets and sites that sell second-hand things are very convenient. In addition, sales are even more interesting – who does not like to dig into other people’s things and enjoy something funny.

  1. Walk on foot(if possible) or use a bike.

Save money on gasoline, moving to the apartment close to public transport or in an area with developed infrastructure. If you are able to completely abandon the car, then insurance, MOT, and fuel will be not needed.

  1. Save on food

Do not eat in the cafe, and if you will, then look for profitable offers or coupons. In the supermarket, do not buy delicacies – simple and healthy food will not only help you save money, but also will help you to lose some weight. Living economically is not easy, but with the right motivation – after all, you will be able to devote sometimes excesses to fulfill long-term goals. If you still will want to spend more, consider whether it’s worth it.

  1. Money-box

Have a money-box where you will put some small sums of money each day, like two dollars, for example. You will see that in several months you will have a nice sum to buy something necessary for you or your closest ones!

  1. Discounts for students

Take advantage of the students discounts. Search for special offers and travel half price, buy books with a considerable discount, etc. Plan every trip or jaunt in detail. Try to think everything through!

  1. Sell unnecessary stuff.

That’s an easy way for college students to make money. We are pretty sure that you have lots off thing you do not use. You may sell them! Do that via the Internet or with the help of you acquaintances that have their spot in the flea market. You may sell your books, clothes, utilities etc. Even your textbooks may be needed by somebody!

  1. Take food with you!

Have a lunch-box from the freshman years where you will prepare your meal for each day. Preparing food yourself will save you a considerable amount each time.

  1. Save on your annual tuition

Study hard and participate in social projects or sports competitions to win a grant and to study for free or with a discount. You may be also paid a scholarship on a regular basis.

Saving money in college is not easy but you can do that!

Guest Post by Lisa Griffin

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