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Surprise Gift Helps Offset #College Student Expenses

29 Sep

29, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — On the second day of school, he walked into the bookstore without enough money to buy the … at Highline College were surprised with gift cards from Inspirus Credit Union to help them purchase college textbooks.’s #Textbook Rentals- A Review

24 Sep

Another option is to buy used textbooks directly from either Craigslist or … Considered by many to be the number one source of college textbooks, ECampus has won numerous awards including having been included in the list of “Top 500 Websites” by …

Best Places to Buy #College #Textbooks Online

24 Sep

What are the best places online to buy college textbooks? If you talk to any college student at the beginning of the semester, he or she will probably express frustration to you about the cost of textbooks. Campus bookstores charge an arm and a leg for …

How Teachers Can Use Twitter To Motivate Students

22 Sep

We live in a globalized world, where social networks play an important role. Many people think that social networks can be used only at work or at home, but nobody thinks about the importance of social media in the classroom. For example, Twitter is a tool that can be used by teachers to keep their classes engaged and up-to-date on the technologies of the modern world. Twitter can become so interesting for students that they may start opening the page “My Twitter account” more often than “Order a custom paper” on their laptops/smartphones.
We hope that you know what is Twitter used for and we propose you to read about some ways of using Twitter that can help teachers to motivate their students:
1. Due dates & Quizzes
Students often forget the main dates of their exams and the due dates of the assignments therefore educators can post some tweets to remind students about what has to be done and till what time. Moreover, who does not like quizzes? Posting a couple of quizzes every day can boost work of the students’ brains. However, it is recommended to ask students to participate in quizzes only after the end of the school day (they can do it at home not to be distracted from studying).
2. News
If you are a teacher, consider subscribing to popular educational Twitter accounts and to account about news on different topics. It is better when the topics are biased and controversial because students can read the articles about the events from both sides (“for” and “against”), compare and take the side, which is a right one for them. Contrasting different perspectives of the real life examples makes students thinking more about the issues that happen around them on a daily basis. Moreover, consider creating education Twitter chats to boost communication skills of your students.
3. Career list
Ask each student to make a list about his/her future career goals. In addition, they can change their minds and information in these lists as often as they want to. Thus, you can not only make them motivated in meeting their goals and realizing aspirations but also see what the trends in the classroom are. Moreover, it may be fun to read this list several years after, when all the students will be working to see what expectations embodied and what did not.
4. Events
Teachers can make tweets about interesting educational events or useful courses that their students may be interested to visit. Moreover, teachers can encourage their students to donate some money to some charitable organizations. However, it is recommended to make a note that before making a donation, youngsters have to ask their parents if they can do it because some families may live on the last money and simply cannot afford making donations.
5. Live tweets
Sick children and parents can see the classroom, trips and news of the school even from their homes if the teacher posts some pictures with descriptions. Moreover, you can use some education hashtags that can make a search easier.
Thinking about those, who cannot participate in a school life is important!
6. History
Children can add some quotes from historic figures or tweet their photographs and biographies. In addition, the Twitter page can pretend to be the page of a famous person or a fictional character. Improve creative thinking of your students!
7. Research
Students can simply tap some key words in the Twitter’s search engine and find microblogs on the subject of interest.
8. Review
Students can write their microblogs in Twitter on any of the media study classes. For example, in the literature lessons they may write reviews on movies and books.
9. Parents
Parental support may seem to be too hard for some students. Thus, teachers may post the parents’ opinions on where to go and what to do anonymously.
10. Design
Students can choose a background of the classroom’s page by themselves. It may be even better if each of them will add something special and unique to this picture.
11. Weather
Teachers can set up Twitter feed where students can discuss the weather patterns and make notes on them. Students can find all the necessary information on Google Maps and Google Earth.
12. Videos
Use Twiddeo to post some videos about the upcoming events, trips or other things and issues that may interest students and can broaden their knowledge.
There are so many ways to use Twitter for the education purposes that may be not only useful but also fun. Do not limit your imagination! In addition, read some tips for writing an effective essay that can help your students to write creative microblogs in Twitter. Good luck!



5 #College Resources to Slash #Textbook Costs

21 Sep

[Read four ways to get free college textbooks.] 3. Online sources … a website for student jobs and financial services, to find a $1,000 scholarship to cover the cost of books and supplies for his final year. The communications major advises students …