Easy Recipes For Quick Student’s Breakfast

14 Sep


Every student knows how hard it is to keep a healthy diet during an education process. Furthermore, eating at least three times a day seems to be impossible. However, you have to remember that during the college life it is necessary not only thinking about where to buy an essay but also you have to think about healthy breakfast to eat each day to stay in a good shape and to be happy.

Here are Top 5 easy recipes that will not take too much time to cook:

  1. English-Muffin Egg Pizza

This pizza can be cooked in about 5-7 minutes. Moreover, you may probably like the fact that they are rich of protein and do not include meat.

Firstly, you have to hard-cook one or two eggs (depending on the size of the eggs and your taste).

Secondly, peel and slice them and place them on the top of the halves of an English muffin.

Thirdly, shred some mozzarella on top, drizzle it with olive oil and slice tomato.

Lastly, broil this pizza.



  1. Yogurt & Granola Parfait

Feel as if you eat dessert instead of a mainstream breakfast. Get a dose of calcium and energy boost in the morning to be active all the day through. It takes about 1-2 minutes to prepare this meal.

Put the granola inside a parfait glass and then pour the yogurt on it.

If you like syrups, drizzle it on top (maple syrup is the best choice).

Palatable and luxury!


  1. Panini with Egg and Prosciutto

This version of sandwich can be cooked fast (approximately 10-15 minutes) and is super delicious. If you do not like prosciutto, you are more than welcome to replace it by ham or salami. Be creative!

Whisk together salt, pepper and eggs in a bowl.

Melt butter and pour it into the bowl with the eggs.

Scramble until it will be cooked.

Put the eggs on the halves of the bread.

Place prosciutto and cheese on top.

Cook the sandwich in the pan with butter until the cheese melts



  1. Sweet Buns

Make your buns unique using an exceptional topping or a muffin tin. Create sweet buns with your own signature of taste.

Oven has to be heated to 375° F

Drop some butter on each compartment of a muffin tin.

Put the slices of banana on top and put half spoon of brown sugar (it is more expensive than white sugar but better as well).

Put a biscuit on top of each bun.

Bake around 10 minutes (check the color, it has to be golden).

Release your sweet buns when they are cooked and serve them warm.

Have a good meal!


  1. Apricots & Almonds Farina

Eating warm dish with the melted sugar while the weather outside is rainy and windy…What can be better? Yep, nothing!

Boil the milk and a bit of salt in a saucepan.

Simmer this mixture in the farina and whisk for 1,5-2,5 minutes.

Pour into bowls and put apricots and almonds on top.

Do not forget to add some sugar (You will be amazed how fast it melts…mmmm…).

Bon Appetit!


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