Technology in the Classroom: What Students & Teachers Really Want

6 Nov

Modern society is inextricably connected with the process of informational support. The conditions of life force us to use the information technologies in educational and bringing-up processes.

That is why one of the top priorities of modern society computerization – is the introduction of new information technology means in the education system.

Nowadays we may observe an increase in the direct and reverse flows of information on all fronts. The causes of storage, transmission and analysis of information accelerate the learning process.

Currently, there are two specific areas in educational computerization.

The first area involves the acquisition of knowledge and skills that allow you to use your computer successfully for solving various problems.

The second area considering computer technologies as a powerful learning tool that can significantly improve its effectiveness.


Primary benefits that students and teachers receive from using informational technologies during the classes:

creating of multimedia presentations

preparation of teaching guides

monitoring of students’ knowledge

usage of IT technologies out of the classes

obtaining the information from the Internet and working with it

the school’s website, which allows linking together students, parents and teachers

simplified execution of the research works

the usage of multimedia support

the ability of teaching students to speak, write and present the results of their work with the subsequent publication

the conditions for creating a “virtual classroom”

extension of the opportunities for group and project-based learning


Key strengths of using IT technologies for teaching

Raising the productivity

Usually, a teacher should write notes on the blackboard quickly in order not to spend a lot of time on it. Some students just don’t have enough time to rewrite the information in their notes. In their term, computers help to make the lesson more productive and improve students skills of note-taking.

Checking the mistakes

IT technologies are useful for those students who have problems with spelling because they may use different Internet resources for checking their grammar. For those students who feel a lack of creativity, there are a lot of essay writing websites where you can get the best assignment help from AustralianWritings.

Composing charts and tables

Moreover, a computer has a particular importance while arranging graphs and tables. A pre-prepared material makes it possible to set the pace of the lesson and at the same time allows you to return to any intermediate constructions.

Distance learning

The rapid development of the Internet gives us an opportunity of distance learning. Today to get an education off-campus in almost each university all over the world become a reality. First of all, it is a chance for everybody to get an education, despite the financial opportunities and physical abilities. Secondly, it is good chance for those who live far away from school or university. One more positive side is the individual learning speed.

Attractiveness for the young generation

And finally, interactive lessons are more interesting and understandable for a young generation that is why it attracts a higher number of children which are interested in learning. That is why more and more teachers wonder how to use technology effectively in the classroom.

To improve the quality of the learning process and do not contribute to its inhibition, it should be made some adjustments

Diminish the usage of ready computer programs

The methodology of conducting the lessons with the help of ready-made software programs has a lot of defects. First, the student’s perception of the computer course differs from the understanding of the teacher’s presentation. Usually, they perceive a flow of information on the screen as a movie and do not pay much attention to some exect moments for memorising.

Using the Internet for the right purposes

An absence of the Internet connection during the period of lessons in schools will be a reasonable decision. It would help to reduce the number of cheaters and increase the concernment in the subject.

Lack of conversation practices

One more problem is the absence of real speaking. During the entire period of studying, the student consumes the information silently. It is particularly the case of students of distance education. That is why they do not have enough practice of interlocutory communication, formation and formulation of ideas using professional language. By using IT technologies, we can loose a chance of formation of creative thinking, which is based on dialogues and monologues.

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