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How to buy cheap college textbooks 

31 Dec

How to Buy Cheap College Textbooks: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

5 Best #College #Textbook resources (Other than your campus bookstore)

31 Dec

Buying your college textbooks at the campus bookstore is becoming a thing of the past. The books are often outrageously overpriced and you are forced to buy the books rather than rent them. After the semester is over your $250.00 Microeconomics book can be …

The Best Time to Buy and Sell #College #Textbooks

21 Dec

It’s that time of year again, when students across the country get ready to spend serious money on college textbooks. But to get the best deals — on both buying books for the upcoming semester and selling your old texts — it may be worth paying …

Students break the bank to buy their books

21 Dec

Related: Viewpoint: College textbooks could be the digital age’s next victim While Jin ultimately bit the bullet to buy the book, according to the USPIRG, 65% of college students have opted to forgo purchasing class texts “because it was too expensive.”

#College #Textbooks Make Way for #College Tutor!

7 Dec

College Tutor significantly reduces the risks of bad studying habits—and the number of college textbooks one has to buy. College Tutor is self-directed and low in price with no nasty extra-cost surprises. Written by knowledgeable professionals …