How Can You Decorate Your Textbook For Christmas Without Spoiling It?

15 Dec

Christmas is a favorite holiday of the US population. Its unique mood and atmosphere are inspiring and unforgettable. On Christmas people always adorn their house exteriors, interiors, cars, and everything that surrounds them as such decorations create an excellent mood and remind of an exclusive spirit of this holiday. Children make a variety of interesting things at schools and home to give any item a Christmas look. This is a fun pastime and great way to express your individuality. Even textbooks are used not only as a source of material for handmade items but also as a canvas for decorations. Let’s see how even such a simple thing can acquire exclusive winter holiday decor.



How Can You Adorn Your Textbook?

Every person who has never made anything creative with his hands or has no imagination will wonder: “Are there any book decoration ideas existing at all?”. Though those are not the most popular thing to adorn on Christmas it does not mean that a designer books decor does not exist.

Even the World Wide Web does not have much information on this topic. If you type “Christmas book decor” in the search engine line, be ready to see everything from DIY items made from those to the unusual ideas to use books for decoration or building a Christmas tree. That is why we came up with the idea to offer people some tips on making their favorite books more interesting and appealing. How to do this? Below are presented several decoration ideas that will tell you how to add some Christmas mood to an ordinary book without spoiling it.

  1. Holiday wrap

It goes without saying that before you start decorating anything it is important to wrap it in order not to spoil. Even a simple wrapping paper can change the look of it. Choose pure red, patterned, checked paper to make it brighter and match the holiday color scheme. You can also use other colors associated with Christmas: green as a New Year tree, white as snow or golden like sunshine. You can choose anything you like!

A wrapped journal will be a good reminder of the upcoming holiday and a perfect canvas to show off your imagination and creativity.

  1. Snowflake doilies on white background

If you wish to make your school supplies look gorgeous, here is another cool tip – a customary doily in silver or gold will look fascinating in the white background. Wrap your book in the purely white paper. To make it look elegant from all sides, fold the doily for it to as if hug the book and you will receive two semi-circles on both sides and a beautifully patterned spine.

  1. Stick a New Year tree or snowman on the book front

As you remember any decoration of should be placed on the cover or wrap. It makes no difference if it is written by a top essay writer or famous novelist, every book can look attractive! Add your paper friend a holiday look using color paper and scissors. You can cut out a green fir tree, stick it on the front and adorn it with a variety of stickers or colorful balls. Another wonderful alternative is a white snowman on the bright paper wrap. Cut out three white circles of different sizes, make up a snowman, add some accessories like a carrot nose, bucket on the head, and a broom and your smiling friend will raise your mood on a daily basis.



4. Voluminous adornment

Not only paper and stickers can adorn a book. You can use a variety of other materials that stick to paper as reliably as the basic material, after all, as we remember, Christmas decorations on the tree are made from various materials. Books are not an exception. You can add an appealing look with any figure cut from wool, fur, adorn tree branches with glass balls or small gift boxes. Any Christmas accessory will look marvelous on the front. You can use a special glue for them to rest there for a longer period of time and admire the beauty of your Christmas books.

5. Christmas garland for a book

If you still wish to create a Christmas mood with decorative books, in particular, take a garland! Even the simplest garland can transform such a customary thing into a masterpiece. You can add a couple of strokes or wind it up from all the sides, but your book will undoubtedly look different and awesome.

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