College Textbook Saving Tips

My number one tip is to use the power of the computer and the Internet to simplify price comparisons. Is textbook rental cheaper than used college textbook prices? Are international or e-book options cheaper?

A good college textbook price comparison service will evaluate the prices from dozens online college textbook sellers and report the cheapest on a single screen. I have used the following sites to price compare college textbooks. Their outputs are different in that the first site compares the prices and lists the cheapest source. The second site collects and displays all the prices for you to review. Started in 1999, this site pulls college textbook prices from over 50 sites and shows who has the cheapest textbook price (including shipping) for each category; rental, used, new, e-book and international. They even have a Android App and an iPhone/iPad Web App. The site also features textbook coupons and a textbook buyback quote comparison tool. A great site if you like to see all the data. Simple, clean, just textbook prices. lists everyone’s prices in a single report so you can compare yourself. A site dedicated to locating and comparing prices for digital textbooks. Find and download textbooks to save money and time.

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