Opinion: The Problems with #Textbook Buybacks

2 May

This issue is more complex than just saying that the program randomly chooses which books to buy back and at what rate; the cost of college textbooks is something that, while at this point a …

Predictions of Print #Textbooks’ Death Remain Greatly Exaggerated

26 Apr

Specific to college textbooks, print-only titles accounted for 45 percent … said 75 percent of its core curriculum revenues in 2019 will come from blended programs, where customers buy a combination …

USD partners with online #Textbook retailer; ends on-campus bookstore

31 Mar

VERMILLION, S.D. — Starting next semester, there will be no physical outlet to buy college textbooks on campus at the University of South Dakota or in the city of Vermillion. The university …

Why are #Textbooks so expensive?

8 Mar

and book rental sites have helped to defray the high cost of college textbooks. Some sites even offer a buy-by-the-chapter service. But the fact is, the cost of college textbooks increased 1,041 perce…

#College #Textbooks are a racket

3 Mar

College textbooks are a racket. I teach international relations at … Students usually have to take a few required big courses for their major, and they have to buy the required textbooks for these c…