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#College Students Don’t Have to Pay Full Price for #Textbooks. Here’s How to Save Hundreds Every Semester

27 Aug

To get the best deal on college textbooks, shop around at other sites like Chegg, which lets you buy, sell, and rent books for college. Education financing site Pay4Education.com suggests open …

Back-to-school: Making #Textbooks more affordable

26 Aug

Back to school: Save big bucks on college textbooks The ability … digital-only eliminates a student’s ability to buy used, rent, or sell back books at the end of the year forcing students …

Back to school: Save big bucks on #College #Textbooks

26 Aug

The ability to afford college textbooks is a challenge for … So, the school library will sometimes buy copies of textbooks and keep them on reserve,” said Vitez. Those books can be reserved …

How To Combat The Rising Cost Of #College #Textbooks

22 Aug

Think about it — requiring a new book every few years makes the old versions obsolete, meaning students can’t simply borrow or buy old books to save money. 6 Ways to Save On College Textbooks This …

5 top websites for impressive deals on #College #Textbooks

20 Aug

In just 10 years, the price of college textbooks increased by a whopping 88% We rounded up some of the top sites where you buy textbooks for cheap As if attending college isn’t already expensive …