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AI and the Case of the Disappearing #Textbooks

16 Jul

For college textbooks, on the other hand, the publisher is reliant upon individual teachers deciding to buy their particular book for a class. Either way, the audience is comparatively small by …

Amazon Hits University Of Delaware Student With $3,800 Fee After She Failed To Return Rented #Textbook On Time

9 Jul

There’s a lot of options when it comes to college textbooks. You can buy new, used or rent. For SanFilippo, she turned to Amazon to get the biggest bang for her buck — or so she thought. …

#College students donating proceeds of VB Strong bracelets to victims’ families

11 Jun

The students are selling hand-made VB strong bracelets … What started as a hobby to pay for college textbooks is turning into a passion project. “It takes at least five or six minutes, so a few …

Pair accused of stealing $10,000 in #Textbooks from FTCC

11 Jun

Two suspects have been charged with stealing $10,000 worth of college textbooks over the course of several months … shoplift items including books,” Strepay said, “and then sell the books (to) …

4 Websites to Help You Find the #cheapest #Textbooks

7 Jun

How do you find the cheapest college textbooks and get the most money selling … Here’s a look at a few of the ways you can cut your textbook expenses down, and even how to buy books on the cheap. It …