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Kansas bill proposed for sales tax exemption on #Textbooks bought at #College bookstores

5 Feb

With college textbooks being so expensive … Brown also said the need for online access codes and having to buy a textbook that was only available at the Kansas State University bookstore prevented h…

Students get creative with #Textbook costs

29 Jan

Some first years who were interviewed, such as Brian Liu ’22, said that it was “shocking” to see how expensive college textbooks were … in which professors did not require students to buy books, ins…

Professors launch free online PAX course #Textbook

29 Jan

According to a Jan. 26 CBS News article, over the past 10 years, the price of college textbooks has risen four times faster than the inflation rate. As a result, 65 percent of students do not buy at l…

How to get rid of #College #Textbooks and make money

16 Jan

HOUSTON – If you have college textbooks you or your child are no longer using, gather them up, because January – or the start of the semester – is one of the best times to sell them to get the most mo…

Leading Online #Textbook Seller Reveals Tips on Saving, Even Making, Money on #Textbooks

5 Jan

If you just felt the sting of forking over more money than you’d like for college textbooks … http://www.texts.com allow students to post their books for other students on the same campus to see. Buy Low, Sell High If you are willing to sell your …