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Open Textbooks Explained

26 Aug

Flat World  Knowledge, an open textbook publishing house, was given recognition by nothing less than the North American Library organisation in December 2010.    The publisher was included in the association’s  ‘Outstanding Business Reference Sources.  ‘ It’s a major accomplishment for opensource textbooks.  An opensource textbook is a book printed under a special open license.  It isn’t the same as normal textbooks in that it can be accessed, downloaded, read, printed out, or distributed at much less expensive costs if not absolutely free.  The publishers and writers supply the full authorization for the more  ‘open ‘ use of their books by users / readers.  Modern tutors and scholars see opensource reference materials as the likely best response to the decades-long challenges referring to accessibility of standard textbooks.  The books tweak the normal publishing model, that has been understood to be blitzed by challenges.  The New Media  Partnership  in its 2010 Horizon Report has identified open textbooks as major elements of fast progressing open content adoption in further education.  Production starts with the supposed open textbook publishers.

It is awfully rare for conventional book publishers to consent to make their titles open due to business and earnings concerns.  Therefore , open textbook publishers have to provide their own books.  They hire writers, which are typically teachers to provide the content.

Image rights clearing will need to be undergone.  Categorical  photographs will need to be cleared for each project and even for reuse in more titles.  As proved by open textbook publishers, it is generally difficult to get clearances and authorization to use certain photographs when manufacturing opensource books.  But it can be attainable.  There are even personal setups that create opensource books for printing and distribution.

US-based CK12 is an illustrative example of those. The key target of the group is to help lower overall education cost across the land thru production and distribution which can on occasion be ideal reference materials for learning in particular courses. Writers and publishers will rationally not generate revenue from producing and vending of opensource textbooks.  Therefore , there are countless setups that are providing grants or other types of fiscal motivations for production and release of open approved textbooks.

Frequently the reference materials are made accessible and printable online in order to noticeably trim down any probable printing cost on the publisher.

Jules Mariano is a full-time freelance search engine and social media  marketing specialist and a web developer specializing in web content  development. He is the co-founder of VPRO Digital Marketing. He currently writes  for BookGator.

BookGator is a social platform where students, instructors, and student  interest groups can work together to reduce cost of textbooks and education in general. Visit their site to learn  more about how to save more on college textbooks.

New Bill Marks Another Step Toward Lowering Textbook Costs in California

20 Jul

California Governor Jerry Brown lately confirmed a bill which will need publishers of university textbooks to give an explanation for the variations in new editions of their books, The Associated Press reports.

By doing this, scholars and professors will better be well placed to resolve whether they have to buy a pricey new edition or if they can simply use an older version. The law was designed by Senate Majority Leader Ellen M.  Corbett, who said she is hoping it’ll cut back the serious cost of textbooks for college kids.  “This legislation is one logical way to help in lowering the value of textbooks so college kids on tight budgets can stay in school,” Corbett related in a PR release.  “The serious price of varsity textbooks now forces many scholars to make a choice between paying their utility charges or purchasing the materials they want for class, and that isn’t the way that it should be.” Still, California passed a bill directed at reducing the price of university textbooks. This isn’t California’s most important step towards reducing the price of school textbooks.  In May, a package of bills expanding student access to free digital textbooks advanced to the state Senate, The Sacramento Bee reports.

If passed, these bills would permit California scholars to access a free library of open-source course materials, instead of paying loads of dollars per semester on textbooks.



Advantages and Disadvantages of Downloading Free Textbooks Online

13 Jun

Many students download free textbooks as an alternative to college books that  they need. But students should also know about certain advantages as well as  disadvantages of downloading books online.

Of all the benefits of downloading books is their cost. You can just download  free textbooks and save their money instead of spending them on bookstores.  There are a lot of readily downloadable books you can find on the internet if  you know the correct title, author, edition, or ISBN number of the book you are  looking for.

Laptops, tablets, e-readers, and other gadgets where you store your files  will serve as your own library. Instead of having a clutter of dusty and bulky  books on your desk during exam week, all you need is your gadget and you are  ready to go. Bringing several books all at once will not be a chore anymore when  all you have to carry is your laptop.

Better readability is also a factor since most e-books can be zoomed in to  make letters bigger and easier to read. You are also becoming more  earth-friendly when you download free textbooks and go paperless – your books  need no more paper or ink and you therefore help in making the world a greener  place in your own little way.

However, digital books are not without flaws. While you can download free  textbooks of different titles, it does not mean that you will be able to find  everything on the net. You might have a difficult time finding electronic  versions of books released fifteen or so years ago. There are still a ton of  books which are waiting to be transformed digitally.

Also, there is a growing concern among e-readers regarding their eye health.  Prolonged reading on a monitor causes eye strain. While other readers have the  option to limit the time they read off their tablets, students have less choice  but to stare on their screens for hours, reading their digital textbooks, most  commonly during cramming hours of exams and papers. Some people also dislike the  idea of e-books because they find it hard to concentrate reading off a device  with which they can do a lot of things with (a lot of apps!).

Last but not the least, the ‘startup cost’ might be a little high. Unless you  already own your own tablet or reader, you might find it expensive to buy a new  one – particularly if you are a student who wants to stay frugal.

Jules Mariano is a full-time freelance search engine and social media  marketing specialist and a web developer specializing in web content  development. He is the co-founder of VPRO Digital Marketing. He currently writes  for BookGator.

BookGator is a social  platform where students, instructors, and student interest groups can work  together to reduce cost of textbooks and education in general. Visit their site  to learn more about how to download free textbooks online.

Places to Get Free Textbooks

1 Nov

A good video with sources for free textbooks.

Updated list of free textbook sites

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12 Oct

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