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OpenStax College Launches Free Textbook

31 Dec

OpenStax  College, the non profit, open-access publisher out of Rice  College , presented the launching of its first iBook text Monday, turning into the latest publisher to make the free-with-paid-options model supportable.  The interactive, iPad-based version of OpenStax’s free-to-read online  School  Physics text can be had via iTunes for $4.99.  OpenStax, which launched early on in the year, is one of a few publishers making an attempt to combat the “access gap,” as founder and director Richard Baraniuk calls it.  “In part of due to swiftly rising textbook costs, student debt is at a record high, and scholars in a few cases are having to drop out of varsity as the mixed effect of the learning materials’ cost and teaching is starting to become prohibitive,” Baraniuk declared.

OpenStax draws from expert-generated, peer-reviewed content to form its free online texts, which cover a spread of introductory school courses.  2  online-only textbooks have been printed so far, with 3 more about the way, and the target is to at last offer texts for the twenty-five preferred university courses.  Though   access to the net text is absolutely free to scholars, OpenStax also offers extras that scholars or schools can buy , for example online tutorial programs, like Sapling Learning and WebAssign, or internet-based schooling services.

An instructor could, for instance, allot OpenStax’s free textbook and then ask scholars to submit homework thru WebAssign, which charges between $20 and $25 per student per semester still less expensive than the price of a standard physics textbook, running from about $80 to over $200.

The iBook version is meant to be another “extra,” according to Baraniuk.  If scholars buy the  School  Physics iBook, the iPad version of OpenStax’s introductory physics text, they obtain access to added videos, interactive graphics, quizzes, and demonstrations, lots of which were made particularly for the iBook.  OpenStax wants to at last offer its books on a range of platforms, but Baraniuk asserted the iPad sounded correct as a starting point due to the relative straightforwardness of changing a text into the iBook format and the approval for iBooks.

Read more: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2012/12/04/openstax-announces-first-ipad-version-its-free-online-textbooks#ixzz2Fr1mYxXu

App replaces textbooks with tablet

5 Jul

A teacher conducting a class with a touchscreen board and scholars using digital tablets as textbook, notebook or a test pad could seem like a scene in a high tech motion picture.  But it’s a fact now, thanks to MOCA ( mobile learning study room application ), an interactive tablet -based education platform delivered thru cloud technologies.  Developed by Hyderabad-based print-to-digital delivery services company Pressmart, which can supply cloud-based publishing technology to over six hundred publishers in thirty three languages from 61 nations, MOCA, which is device and system software ( OS ) -agnostic, fully disposes of children’s 15-kg back-packs and allows them to take their class work, homework and examinations, including lecture room reporting, on a 494-gramme tablet.  Pressmart had, in 2011, piloted MOCA ( on Samsung tablets) with Grade-V of La Salle Green Hills, a 100-year-old Catholic tutorial establishment in Manila, and utilized it across all grades until XII in June 2012.  Covering 4,500 scholars and four hundred teachers, the deployment, Pressmart claims, makes La Salle the planet’s first college with fully-digital school rooms.  “The pipeline is remarkable.


La Salle has seventeen faculties with 97,000 scholars in the Philippines for which they are going to start employing MOCA slowly. Also we are seeing a potential in Thailand where the govt is intending to disburse 800,000 tablets to elementary school scholars this year,” Vikram Simha Torpunuri, head of Pressmart, told mediapersons here on Monday.  The closely-held company is currently in debate with state govts, faculties and establishments in India, and is having a look at doing 2 pilots in the home market in the current calendar.


“Discussions-wise …  We are quite close. We are going to be launching a pilot with a college in Hyderabad inside a quarter,” he announced, adding that MOCA was anticipated to generate $1-million income this monetary year.  MOCA, which jams each other thing on the tablet, aside from the study room content, as quickly as a student enters the highschool, supports Android and iPhone operating software systems.  The company will release a Windows version shortly.  “If we have an Aakash tab, we shall install MOCA and do it,” Torpunuri expounded, adding the company will be launching a new application for the life sciences vertical in the following couple of months.



Advantages and Disadvantages of Downloading Free Textbooks Online

13 Jun

Many students download free textbooks as an alternative to college books that  they need. But students should also know about certain advantages as well as  disadvantages of downloading books online.

Of all the benefits of downloading books is their cost. You can just download  free textbooks and save their money instead of spending them on bookstores.  There are a lot of readily downloadable books you can find on the internet if  you know the correct title, author, edition, or ISBN number of the book you are  looking for.

Laptops, tablets, e-readers, and other gadgets where you store your files  will serve as your own library. Instead of having a clutter of dusty and bulky  books on your desk during exam week, all you need is your gadget and you are  ready to go. Bringing several books all at once will not be a chore anymore when  all you have to carry is your laptop.

Better readability is also a factor since most e-books can be zoomed in to  make letters bigger and easier to read. You are also becoming more  earth-friendly when you download free textbooks and go paperless – your books  need no more paper or ink and you therefore help in making the world a greener  place in your own little way.

However, digital books are not without flaws. While you can download free  textbooks of different titles, it does not mean that you will be able to find  everything on the net. You might have a difficult time finding electronic  versions of books released fifteen or so years ago. There are still a ton of  books which are waiting to be transformed digitally.

Also, there is a growing concern among e-readers regarding their eye health.  Prolonged reading on a monitor causes eye strain. While other readers have the  option to limit the time they read off their tablets, students have less choice  but to stare on their screens for hours, reading their digital textbooks, most  commonly during cramming hours of exams and papers. Some people also dislike the  idea of e-books because they find it hard to concentrate reading off a device  with which they can do a lot of things with (a lot of apps!).

Last but not the least, the ‘startup cost’ might be a little high. Unless you  already own your own tablet or reader, you might find it expensive to buy a new  one – particularly if you are a student who wants to stay frugal.

Jules Mariano is a full-time freelance search engine and social media  marketing specialist and a web developer specializing in web content  development. He is the co-founder of VPRO Digital Marketing. He currently writes  for BookGator.

BookGator is a social  platform where students, instructors, and student interest groups can work  together to reduce cost of textbooks and education in general. Visit their site  to learn more about how to download free textbooks online.

Download Textbooks

1 Feb

The use of digital textbooks is becoming a popular option for college students. The number of sites, titles and formats have been steadily increasing in recent months.  With just a little bit of research you should be able to find many of your needed textbooks in digital format.

Using digital textbooks, or eTextbooks as they are commonly called, has many advantages. Instant access by digital download means no more shipping costs or shipping delays. Digital textbooks usually have low upfront cost, plus there is no more lugging heavy books around.  Also e-books can be easy on the environment. In addition  you will enjoy having, no sellback hassle, and enhanced features like highlighting and note taking. Off to class? The library? Home for the holidays? A couple of clicks is all it takes to study anywhere with your iPad, iPhone, Nook, Kindle or other tablet. If you need a hard copy you can always print your etextbook, or at least the most important parts, and carry light weight notes for studying on the fly.

eTextbooks are available online and in downloadable format. When you are “buying” a digital textbook make sure you check out the access length.  Are you downloading a textbook with permanent and forever access or is this really a digital textbook rental that expires at some date in the future.

Instant access and cost savings are the big advantages of using digital downloads and etextbooks. You have instant access while saving time and money. And as we mentioned above it is easier to carry one lightweight reader than to have an entire heavy backpack full of thick textbooks. No more forgetting to bring the right book home from school! You can also study on your iPhone or Android phones using the browser function or downloaded e-reader. This will enable you to have a quick study session or brush up on your notes whenever/wherever.

Not every textbook is available in digital format but the numbers are increasing. Using a digital textbook searching comparison tool like digitaltextbookscheaper.com can be a big help. Simply enter the ISBN and get a list of who carries the book in digital format and their prices. You can also simply enter the title or author or keyword to start your search.  You’ll be amazed at the convenience download textbooks offers.

Digital College Textbook

18 Jun

Instant access and cost savings are the big advantages of using digital downloads and etextbooks. You have instant access while saving time and money. Low upfront cost, no more lugging heavy books around, easy on the environment, no sell back hassle, and enhanced features like highlighting and note taking. Off to class? The library? The beach? A couple of clicks is all it takes to study anywhere with your iPad, iPhone, Nook, Kindle or tablet. If you need a hard copy you can always print your etextbook.

There are a number of sources for digital or eTextbooks for college and I expect more to join the market in the next year. As more sites offer electronic textbooks it will be important to use a pice comparison service like I discussed on the home page. There is a new site that specialises in digital college textbooks called eTextbooksCheaper.com. And another site for downloading iPad textbooks

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