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Digital College Textbook

18 Jun

Instant access and cost savings are the big advantages of using digital downloads and etextbooks. You have instant access while saving time and money. Low upfront cost, no more lugging heavy books around, easy on the environment, no sell back hassle, and enhanced features like highlighting and note taking. Off to class? The library? The beach? A couple of clicks is all it takes to study anywhere with your iPad, iPhone, Nook, Kindle or tablet. If you need a hard copy you can always print your etextbook.

There are a number of sources for digital or eTextbooks for college and I expect more to join the market in the next year. As more sites offer electronic textbooks it will be important to use a pice comparison service like I discussed on the home page. There is a new site that specialises in digital college textbooks called eTextbooksCheaper.com. And another site for downloading iPad textbooks

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