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Students getting creative to save on textbooks

19 Sep

The thought of buying textbooks can be dreadful. This is one of the most expensive parts of attending a higher university facility. It is something students will moan and groan about at the beginning of every semester, and who can blame them? On average, textbooks range from $80 to $100 each. A lot of students attempt to find the resources they need online in order to save money.

Students have been getting creative in utilizing different resources in order to pay the smallest amount possible for their textbooks. Some students will lend the book from the university library when it is needed. A lot of the textbooks are available for loan in the university library. Many students have no idea how they are going to be able to afford these expensive textbooks. However, I am here to solve your problems. Below are some options so stretch your money and keep some cash in your wallet.

One way to save money is to buy them directly from the Internet as opposed to the college bookstore. The bookstore will charge a higher price on new and used textbooks. It is a company that needs to make money, which is not in favor of the student. Campus bookstores will often offer a buyback program. However, you only get a percentage of what you would make if you sold the book online yourself. Yes you have to wait longer to get the money from online sources, however, you will make around three times the amount than you would if you were to sell it to a bookstore.

Amazon.com and Half.com are great resources for both buying and selling textbooks. They provide ample opportunities to save money. Amazon also offers a cheaper priced textbook if you opt to rent the book as opposed to buying it. One disadvantage to this program is that you may have to send the book back a little before the end of the class. The best way to make this program work for you is to purchase the book at the last minute possible. Admittedly it will make you a little nervous, but don’t fret, Amazon is known for having fast delivery service. If you are not looking for a rental book and you plan on selling it back, you should order the book around two weeks prior to the class starting to ensure that your book will be on time. The books on both of these websites are usually sold by other students are looking to save money just like you.

Utilize textbook exchange services such as StudentBookTrades.com. This is an excellent source to get free college textbooks. This gives you an opportunity to trade textbooks with your classmates and friends. Their free service helps to match you with other college students who took classes that are similar to what you are reading now. You can search your campus for books and save on shipping the textbooks. Some of these websites also compare prices across the nation to give you the best deal possible. Last, but not least are price comparison websites. These websites compare the price of many different websites and show you where you can get the best price possible for your textbook. Cheap-textbooks.com is a great resource that does just this! If you are stumped and do not want to spend a lot of time browsing the Internet for the best price, let Cheap-textbooks.com do the work for you.

How to Find Cheaper College Textbooks

5 Apr

For new college students one of their first lessons learned may be about the cost of textbooks.  They may be surprised to find that they are paying $150 for a textbook, then getting a mere $20 when reselling to the campus bookstore at the end of the semester. The college book store is an exciting place for a freshman with all the college gear and campus logo items. You can’t help but have school spirit and think this is the place to outfit myself for all of my school needs.

A student needs to look past the glamor and look at the reality of the prices. College textbooks rise from 6% to 10%, on average, every year — that’s way past the rate of inflation. There’s nothing more frustrating than paying the full retail price or more on textbooks only to find out that many books are available at a discount. The cost of buying the textbooks can easily add up to $900 or more a year.

Thankfully, regulations that went into effect in about a year ago that was targeted to help students shop more competitively for the needed textbooks. Publishers can no longer bundle their textbooks with accompanying materials like workbooks without offering the items separately, and they must reveal their prices to professors when making a sales pitch. Colleges, meanwhile, are now required to provide students with a list of assigned textbooks during course registration, which allows for more time for shopping before classes begin.

That’s especially important now because there are an increasing number of ways to save on books if you buy or rent them online. One of the best tools is to use an online site that compares college textbook prices.  Finding cheap textbooks across dozens of sites would be time prohibitive but price comparison sites make it a snap. You should be able to compare new, used, rental, international edition as well as digital download versions of your book to make an informed decision on where to buy your books.

About the Author

Bob Jones set up Cheap-Textbooks.com, an internet website devoted to saving students cash and operates a blog on cheap textbook news and trends.

Tips to save money on textbooks

25 Jan
The prices and rates for school supplies such as the textbooks are gradually increasing these days. Brand new textbooks from your local bookstores and school supply boutiques are very expensive for students that are studying in colleges and universities. The retail values from the campus bookstore are too costly for these individuals as well. The majority of these books can only be utilized in a single semester. Other students will throw these books away after the semester, while other students would keep them for references to the other subjects. You don’t have to spend much on these textbooks since most of them are utilized for a single semester.
Searching for cheap textbooks is not a daunting task as you have conceived it to be. There is a variety of dispositions to obtain cheap textbooks for college. One efficient alternative for such situation is to search for cheap textbook rentals. It is highly recommended to rent textbooks from college libraries and book rental services if you are not planning to keep them. You can return these books at the end of the semester. There are also several websites that would offer cheap textbook rentals in your location. You can save up to more than seventy percent of the textbook’s original rate or value with this proceeding.
Another substantial proceeding to obtain cheap college textbooks is to purchase the used textbooks. Buying used textbooks from bookstores, online shops and older schoolmates or students is a superb way to save money and mother earth. Students that have undergone a specific subject would usually sell the subject’s textbooks after the semester. It would be advantageous to purchase these used textbooks instead of buying new textbooks from campus bookstores.
The etextbooks are the cheaper and more convenient version of textbooks. They are the recent technological advancements that would minimize the utilization of paper in our books. It would minimize the cutting of trees and they are surprisingly cheaper than the conventional textbooks. These electronic books are basically economical and available in various websites in the internet. You only need an electronic device that supports electronic book format files for these textbooks. Electronic devices and gadgets such as laptops, mobile phones, desktop computers and tablets are capable of reading the file formats for these textbooks.
Searching for an economical alternative for your college textbooks is very easy these days due to the advancements of the internet and computers. There are websites that would also provide textbook price comparison. College students should visit these websites to reduce the cost for these textbooks.

Cheap College Textbooks

22 Nov

Life’s not easy for college students. After paying tuition, there’s barely enough money left for Ramen noodles. They must then face the sticker shock of buying textbooks.

Students can easily pay $1,000 or more per semeste for books. It hardly seems fair, but there is good news. Savvy students can declare war against obscene textbook prices. Paying full price for a new textbook at the campus bookstore is just not smart. Many websites offer significant discounts on college textbooks now.

Here are other options for cheap college textbooks:

Try the Library

Most students don’t consider the library when scrambling for needed textbooks. It’s a long-shot, but it’s worth a try, considering it’s free. The college, city or county library may have the exact textbook required.

You could also ask the professor if he has an extra textbook available.

Rent College Textbooks

Many colleges provide rental options for textbooks. After all, textbooks are needed them for a short period of time, so renting makes sense.

Some websites allow students to rent textbooks online. They ship UPS. CD’s and workbooks may be required for the course, and make sure the book you rent includes these materials.

Buy Used College Textbooks

There’s no room for procrastination when buying used books. The competition at on-campus bookstores is fierce as students make a bee-line to snatch up cheap used books.

Comparison shopping can pay off in a big way. Smart students search online.

Barter College Textbooks

Bartering with other students can be the ultimate win-win. It takes some coordination, but it’s a logical way to beat the system. Sharing books with a fellow student taking the same class can cut your costs in half.

Use E-Books

Everything is moving to the Internet–including textbooks. Along with the savings advantage, e-books eliminate the need to lug around heavy books. All that’s needed to access textbooks is an Internet connection.

Some websites allow for the purchase of just the specific chapters needed at a rock-bottom rates.

Get the Most When Selling Your Used College Textbooks

The campus bookstore might be convenient, but they will not give you top dollar. You’re better off selling your used textbooks online.

Being Resourceful

Resourceful students can cut their textbook costs in half or more with just a little effort. The options for finding cheap textbooks are so plentiful, there’s no excuse for paying full list prices.

Please visit these pages for more information about cheap college textbooks and how to find cheap textbooks online in general.


College Textbook Rental Price Comparison

15 May

There is a price comparison site that specializes in college textbook rentals. They compare a dozen textbook rental sites and show the current rates, including shipping, for each rental site. This is a great tool and helps to see what the competing sites are doing. No textbook rental site is the cheapest all the time so a quick look using a textbook rental price comparison site can very often save you money.

Check them out at www.Cheap-Textbook-Rentals.com

Also check out their Six rules to renting college textbooks

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