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Amazon Takes On Chegg, B&N And Others With Its New Paper Textbook Rental Service

30 Aug

Last year, Amazon launched electronic textbook rentals for Kindle users that guaranteed to save scholars up to eighty percent of their textbooks’ list costs.  Now, in time for back-to-school season, the Seattle-based company has launched a rental service for good old paper textbooks.

This programme, claims Amazon, can save U.S.  Scholars  up to seventy percent off the regular retail price, and scholars will be permitted to keep the books for 130 days.

Scholars , unless they join Amazon Prime or order books worth a bit more than $25 (not hard to do!), must pay for outbound shipping, but Amazon will look after the return delivery charges.  Amazon does not guarantee the books will be new, though , but points out that scholars can return any books if they’re not pleased with inside thirty days and receive a complete refund. Like your school library, Amazon will also charge late penalties for books that are not returned in good time.  The company will instantly extend the rental period for late books by fifteen days and charge scholars a charge for this.  After fifteen days, it’ll charge the full price.  It’s worth pointing out that other corporations, including Barnes & Noble and Chegg.com, have long offered an identical service also.

Given the high costs of textbooks ( even on Amazon, $150 per book isn’t bizarre for some new textbooks, after all ), renting textbooks is frequently a nice option and an improved deal than attempting to sell books back to the campus bookstore after the semester is over.  While e-textbook rental, whether from Amazon or its rivals, are typically a bit less expensive than paper textbooks, many scholars still like a paper copy.

Buying Vs Renting Textbooks For College

1 Oct

A video that compares buying vs renting college textbooks. If you choose renting you might try Cheap-Textbook-Rentals.com to compare the rental prices of each rental company.