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How to keep your textbook in good condition for a long time?

30 Oct

Though we are living in the digital age of the Internet, computers, laptops, tablets and advanced mobile devices, our world is still based on the usage of paper and paper books which still remain indispensable even for students. Do you remember Ray Bradbury’s prophetic novel “Fahrenheit 451”, in which he foresaw the possibility of e-books replacing paper ones in the not very distant future? Many printed books, newspapers, and magazines have now their shorter electronic versions. Students and pupils at schools and colleges are often encouraged to do their tasks electronically. Many universities offer online lectures that are available at any time. Students are now more used to electronic versions of textbooks and to loading them on the e-book readers or tablet computers than they were several years before.


But still, college books are being printed out every year, as book publishers have to survive somehow, and they have found many ways to counteract the growing popularity of the used book market. They update their previous additions changing them slightly to create the impression of publishing new manuals and imposing them on students that are obliged to buy books prescribed by teachers to pass their exams.


College and university students, being smart people, just don’t want to waste their money on buying new manuals every year, taking into account constantly rising prices. It is just a great idea if you want to save some money for other needs. If you keep your textbooks in good condition, you can then easily sell them to other undergraduates when you don’t need them anymore. You can do that yourself setting your own price, or you can rely on help from third parties. In many colleges and universities, there also exists a textbook rental system where students can rent a manual they are interested in.


It is evident that the book condition highly effects sell back pricing. Nobody is willing to buy used textbooks that are just unfit for further usage. At the same time, be careful when you buy old manuals yourself, pay attention to their condition, availability of all pages, etc. If you have problems with getting a necessary textbook and have to submit your research paper quickly in 2-3 days, don’t worry and view my blog. You will find everything you need, and it will not take much time.


Have a look at some tips that will help to keep your manuals in perfect condition for a long time:


  • Taking into consideration which part of textbooks is usually affected most of all, you can take following steps:


  1. Take care of your manuals, using plastic covers, especially for those with paperbacks. You can make book covers yourself, having done that you will hardly lose them, and it will be easier to find them in case if you do. You can also cover the whole manual in painter’s tape. Protect the edges also using the painter’s tape.
  2. If you prefer writing some notes on your book (it is convenient for many), never do that. Instead of that just use sticky notes of a different color or document flags.


  • Make photocopies of some pages or parts of the manual not to take it with you all the time and keep bouncing in your bag during the whole day.
  • Never eat while reading. It is so pleasant for you to do these two things simultaneously, but you will inevitably get your book dirty and, besides, won’t be able to learn much.
  • Never leave your manual open if you are not reading.


  • Always use bookmarks that will allow finding the needed page quickly without making too much effort turning over the pages.
  • Carefully choose the bag for carrying your things. The bag should be of the corresponding size and should protect textbooks and other things against water in any weather.
  • Pay attention to the book storage, as storage conditions also affect preservation of your textbooks. It is better to carefully lay your manuals flat, in such a way the corners will not bend, and never lay books on the floor so that they are kept away from dust.
  • Don’t borrow new books to your untidy friends, no matter how insistently they ask.



College textbooks are going the way of Netflix

13 Sep

A new copy of Glenn Hubbard and Tony O’Brien’s widely used introductory economics textbook costs more than some smartphones. The phone can send you to any part of the web and holds access to the sum of human knowledge. The book is about 800 heavy pages of static text.
Yet thousands of college students around the US are shelling out $250 for these books, each semester, wincing at the many hours ahead of trying to make sense of this attempt to distill the global economy into tiny widgets and graphs. It’s a lot of money for what often feels like mind-numbing, low-grade torture. And it’s tradition. Many of their parents did it before them. It is a rite of passage.

Perhaps no more.

Hubbard, dean of Columbia Business School, and O’Brien, his co-author, have spent the last three years transforming their classic textbook into a product that can only be described as “education software.” Hubbard and O’Brien worked with an editor for a year and a half to determine what material would be text, and what was better suited for video or interactives. They then spent the same amount of time testing the book on students and professors. The new, virtual version makes its debut this fall. (And it’s one of the resources Texas A&M professor Jon Meer plans to use for his core undergraduate microeconomics course that is going online-only this year for the first time.)

This is the beginning of the end for college’s least enjoyable semi-annual tradition: when kids at the start of each semester have to trek to the school bookstore and walk out textbook-laden, wallet-light. On average, US college students end up spending about $1,200 on books a year.

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22 Aug

College life opens new possibilities for the students. It is a devil-may-care period of everyone’s life when you move from your parents’ house and start living in a dorm. A lot of students tend to decorate their dorm rooms and buy furniture and some things, which can make this temporary housing cozier. But, after ending the education, many graduates wonder how to earn extra money selling things from a dorm room. We prepared some advice on how to sell some college stuff for all the former students that are leaving for the new apartment.

1. Arrange the garage sale

This advice is too obvious, but it is very helpful. A garage sale is a very convenient way to get rid of stuff and declutter your home. Such type of event gathers many people, who are eager to purchase used things at low prices. Make sure every first-year student is aware about your selling out. They may be extremely interested in dorm room packages. If you have not enough space near your dorm, to organize a yard sale, you can make it possible at your parents’ house.

Things you need to conduct great yard sale: stuff you are going to sell, catchy ad, colorful stickers and a lot of energy!


2. Offer your textbooks

Textbooks are what students always need. We bet you collected many of them during your college years and it’s time to sell them out!

If you need money fast, selling out your books is the best effective method. Freshmen will be very interested in buying used textbooks, because of two reasons: used books are cheaper, and they can contain previous owner’s tips.


3. Try Craigslist

Not so long ago you’ve been browsing the Internet for decorating ideas for college dorm rooms, and now you are googling how to sell those decorations. Stop your search and try Craigslist. It is a network, where all who want can sell absolutely everything. Here you start by posting a free ad of the item you desire to sell and wait for the customers’ replies.

4. Get rid of old papers

Leaving your dorm room, you will probably forget about all those papers you have been preparing all years. But, your high quality custom papers, coursework and other assignments can be handy for next generation.

Organize all your papers in a big folder and try to offer them students that might be interested. Not only you will earn extra money, but also help other students in creating their essays and projects.


5. Conduct an online auction

If you haven’t participated in any auction yet, no big deal – you can conduct one on your own. It is easier than you think and social networks may help you with that. You can post a photo of stuff you want to sell on Facebook or Instagram page and offer your followers to make their bets. Also, don’t forget to set the date of your auction’s ending and prepare to say goodbye to your stuff!

6. Just put an ad in your dorm hall

How didn’t you come up with this idea earlier? All the dormitory halls have boards how small advertisements and announcements. You can draw a bright attracting attention poster and inform inhabitants that you are selling out some things. Add your room location and wait for the first clients. Many first-year collegians will show willingness and desire to buy your desk, pillows or fluffy rug.

7. Make a party

Yeah, even party may help you realize your room sale. Who said parties have to be free? But, instead of the average entrance fee, you can ask visitors to buy something at your place. Deciding on things to sell in college remember about prices: students always live on a shoestring budget, so make your stuff affordable for collegians. Besides, used stuff cannot be expensive.

And don’t forget about the original concept of every party: to have fun! Plan your activities and present exclusive and extraordinary things for sale.


We are confident those tips will help you make your wallet thicker. But, if you don’t chase money, you can try good old charity. A lot of people can’t afford some furniture and other things, so you can invest in your karma and give away your stuff.

By Nicholas